Wedding Car Hire Tips To Look Out For When Booking A Wedding Car.

Think about the itinerary and the occupants of the wedding cars. It is highly imperative that reflect on the where to pick people and who will be in the cars. This also means knowing the number of flower girls, bridesmaids, and pageboys you will be having. Knowing the figure helps you decide on the number of cars that you require for the transportation. Since the cars might not have sufficient storage space, consider asking a relative or a confidant to take any large bags.

Think about the time of the journey and be realistic. This means deciding on the route of the trip in advance and letting the car hire company know which route to follow. The car hire company helps in planning a route and timings and put into consideration what it is you like. Visit this post as example:


Think about the color of the car. The car hired should complement the wedding theme color. This means that you do not choose a color that clash with the color of the dresses and suits. Also, consult with the car hire company on whether it would match the ribbons as well as the flowers in the car with the theme color.


Early booking is advised. Usually, the kent wedding cars companies have a lot of requests especially on weekends and on summer. It is therefore highly advisable that you make the booking in advance. It could be 12 to 16 months ahead or the moment you have decided the date for the wedding.


Consider the car style. It should just be the theme color should complement that of the wedding. It means that, for a classical style wedding, a Daimler Limousine might be a good car option. On the other hand, an original wedding would require you to get the possibility of a Morse Jaguar car.

You should always see a car before you make your booking. Older cars have significant variation. However, if the cars are garaged all year, chances are they are well maintained and in an excellent condition. It is important to check that the car you saw is the exact car you will get for your wedding ceremony.


It is good to ask whether you get undivided use of the car for the day. Ensure the london chauffeurs company`s policy is to book one car per day. It is so as to be sure that the car is not booked twice and the focus for its use will be on your wedding day only.